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You can see yourself as a wave in the ocean or as an ocean. The choice is always yours. If life teaches you nothing more, remember this at least: when you get a chance, don’t waste it… BELIEVE is a book that will take you on an amazing journey between reality and the other world.

The reason I wrote it was my awakening to a deep crisis and inner pain that I experienced with every cell of my body, mind and soul. I share my experiences in a book that will help you to better understand the essence of life. We are not just our body and mind – we are so much more. For me, this is not theoretical knowledge, it is my real experience. Our inner power is enormous! I want to share this power with every self-seeking being. Let this publication support your journey to awaken, grow, and touch the miracle that is YOU.

Author: Anita Gierczyk
Language: English

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About the author

Erudytka, artist, model, connoisseur of life, businesswoman, social activist, image creator. The creator of the brand Anita Gierczyk Personal Style Director & Image Consultant, specialist in the field of makeup, mentor in the field of positive psychology. The winner of the Woman in the World Awards 2019 plebiscite, organized in London – she was awarded the title of “Personal Stylist of the Year 2019”.

Her personal brand was awarded the title of “Best Polish Brand 2020” by the “CEOWORLD” magazine. She is one of the “12 Inspirational Business Women 2021” in London. She gave many interviews to the newspapers, an interview with her appeared in the book usually ordinary. Business stories of successful people and Polish brands. She received an award at the Smart Choice Academy in London. She studies law at the University of London. She realizes his passions, makes dreams come true, achieves professional successes on a global scale